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Soft children’s beach shoes are special shoes made to be worn while swimming, playing in the sand, and splashing around in the water. Parents love soft children beach shoes because they offer much-needed comfort to children. Shoes that are designed to be worn on the beach typically have soft, squishy soles that mold to the child’s foot as they play. This prevents painful blisters and other foot injuries.

Soft Children Beach Shoes


Size of these beach shoes

Size 22 Its Chinese size 22-23,Insole Length 12.6 cm,Suitable for Foot Length 11.5-12.1 cm

Size 23 Its Chinese size 23-24,Insole Length 13.3 cm,Suitable for Foot Length 12.2-12.8 cm

Size 24 Its Chinese size 24-25,Insole Length 14.1 cm,Suitable for Foot Length 12.9-13.6 cm

Size 25 Its Chinese size 25-26,Insole Length 14.8 cm,Suitable for Foot Length 13.7-14.3 cm

Size 26 Its Chinese size 26-27,Insole Length 15.6 cm,Suitable for Foot Length 14.4-15.1 cm

Size 27 Its Chinese size 27-28,Insole Length 16.2 cm,Suitable for Foot Length 15.2-15.7 cm

Size 28 Its Chinese size 28-29,Insole Length 16.8 cm,Suitable for Foot Length 15.8-16.3 cm

Size 30 Its Chinese size 30-31,Insole Length 18.1 cm,Suitable for Foot Length 16.8-17.6 cm

Size 32 Its Chinese size 32-33,Insole Length 19.4 cm,Suitable for Foot Length 18.1-18.9 cm

Size 34 Its Chinese size 34-35,Insole Length 20.5 cm,Suitable for Foot Length 19.2-20 cm

Size 36 Its Chinese size 36-37,Insole Length 22 cm,Suitable for Foot Length 20.7-21.5 cm

kids beach shoe shopping guide:How to choose a kids beach shoes

Shoe Size

22(Insole 12.6 cm), 23(Insole 13.3 cm), 24 (insole 15cm), 24(Insole 14.1 cm), 25 (insole 15.5cm), 25(Insole 14.8 cm), 26 (insole 16cm), 26(Insole 15.6 cm), 27 (insole 16.5cm), 27(Insole 16.2 cm), 28 (insole 17cm), 28(Insole 16.8 cm), 29 (insole 17.5cm), 30 (insole 18.5cm), 30(Insole 18.1 cm), 31 (insole 19cm), 32 (insole 19.5cm), 32(Insole 19.4 cm), 33 (insole 20cm), 34 (insole 20.5cm), 34(Insole 20.5 cm), 35 (insole 21cm), 36(Insole 22 cm)


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